Tops Chat Log’s (before he gets busted)

Well it looks like Jake Davis aka Topiary, the 2nd in command of LulzSec got released from jail today on bail [LINK HERE] but we’re pretty confident as part of his release program he won’t be coming into contact with computers anytime soon 😉

Don’t ever say Mr. Davis didn’t have a chance along with the rest of LulzSec & Anonymous. They’ve had the opportunity to choose their paths wisely (and still do) and have been warned numerous times by an never ending group of online #associates to break free from their illegal stances and performances of #AntiSec as well as others.

Funny thing is that even if it’s ONE Anon or ONE Lulz at a time…they ALL still CRY the same story when caught… Typical SKIDDIES… and yeah… they suck at it (yeah I said that) they’re more like attention whore mongers…


I’ll post the rest later – PS – Hey Jake, if the rest of the gang get this msg to you, hope you’re not MAD! Cuz we’re definit not! Enjoy the ankle bracelet and thanks for the bitcoin info!